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Red Sand Project: FAST & The Nurturing Center Outdoor Art Intallation

14 Jul 2023 - 16 Jul 2023
The Hockaday Museum of Art is partnering with The Nurturing Center as well as the Flathead Alliance to Stop Trafficking (FAST) on an outdoor art installation called ‘Red Sand Project’. Founded in 2014 by artist and activist Molly Gochman, the Red Sand Project is an interactive art intallation that allows people to come together to raise awareness of human trafficking. The installation, created by visitors and community members placing red sand into the cracks of sidewalks and similar areas, symbolizes individuals who fall through the cracks of our political, social, and economic systems and become vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. The project invites visitors to assist in placing sand on the grounds, expanding knowledge and awareness of the movement. FAST volunteers will be available throughout the duration of the installation to provide resources and answer questions. This installation will be on view from July 14th-6th, 2023.
  • Date: 14 Jul 2023 - 16 Jul 2023

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