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Ace Powell


Three Wise Guys, Oil

Born Asa Lynn Powell on April 3, 1912, in Tularosa, New Mexico. He spent his boyhood in Apgar Village, inside Glacier National Park. When 21 years old, Powell worked on the Bar-X6 Ranch on Duck Lake out of Babb, Montana. It was there, at the edge of the Great Plains, managing more than a 1000 head of horses for Glacier National Park concessions, that Powell’s works began to leap forward. The Hockaday’s collection of Ace Powell works includes the paintings “Three Wise Guys” and “Winner Take All,” numerous etchings of western life, and several bronze and wood sculptures.

The Ace of Diamonds
A decidedly large influence in Powell development as a young artist was the Montana legend Charles Marion Russell, the cowboy artist who summered on the shores of Lake McDonald inside Glacier Park. 

At age ten Powell copied one of Russell’s paintings down to the famous trademark signature, the buffalo skull. Joe De Yong, Russell’s protégé saw the copy and was impressed, except that he suggested the young Powell have his own ‘brand’ — Powell’s Ace of Diamonds trademark signature was born.

Some of Works

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